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Kigezi Coffee Development Academy (KCDA)

Kigezi Coffee Development Academy (KCDA)

is a Coffee Development, regeneration and social action organization located in Kanungu District, Kigezi region. It was established up in June 2014 with the aim of transforming existing production and quality of

coffee by meeting the physical and material needs of farmers through entrepreneurship, raising awareness, collective vision, and training. Good quality coffee is at the heart of all KCDA programs. The overall goal of KCDA is to transform communities through growing quality coffee for an all-around economic transformation of Kigezi farmers. KCDA mobilized coffee farmers in the 5 Sub Counties in Kanungu which are Kanyantorogo, Kihihi Town Council, Nyanga, Kihihi Sub County and Nyamirama. We supported them to form coffee farmer groups with emphasis on the issue of gender equity. We encouraged women and youth to join groups.

The vision.
A sustainable coffee value chain, profiting farmers for sustainable livelihoods and market satisfaction for socio-economic transformation
Establishing a sustainable market driven system of coffee farmers and coffee farmer organization which are empowered to increase their household incomes and food secure through enhanced entrepreneurship and innovation
Overall Goal.
The overall goal of KCDA is to transform communities through production of quality coffee, raising awareness, collective visioning and trainings towards Economic Prosperity

KCDA-Kigezi / Ankole Best Robusta Coffee & KCDA Field Training