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Coffee tourism

Coffee tourism and Value Addition.

Our story;

Kigezi is blessed with two important National Parks. That is Queen Elizabeth National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park with other Tourist attractions like Lake Bunyonyi, Rweshama, Batwa and Kigezi, Mount Muhabura among others. Due to increasing number of Visitors across the world to Kigezi, Kigezi Coffee Development Academy have invented a brand called “Kigezi Coffee” packed in 80gms, 250gm and 1kg. All this is aimed at marketing Kigezi Coffee brands to the visitors and to the natives to promote Domestic coffee Consumption. Our Coffee is sourced from the local finest quality organic coffee farms in areas neighboring the parks that is queen Elizabeth National Park for Robusta and Bwindi Impenetrable national Park for Arabic. The beans are then sorted from a thorough sorting process where they are sorted to remove imperfections and then hand roasted in small quantities, paying attention to quality. The youth and women are a strong foundation to a dedicated coffee growing community in Kigezi. The brand helps to raise money to sustain the Organization.

What makes our coffee Exclusive?

Kigezi Coffee is the only Ugandan Coffee created to help reduce poaching at, and saving of the animals and the environment by directly supporting women and youth around the said national parks. Kigezi Coffee Development Academy (KCDA) is working with Uganda Wildlife Authority, Local Communities, and Uganda Coffee Development Authority to improve Education, Gender Equity, Health care and livelihoods among the rural poor. Collectively we can make a shortest distinction for small holder coffee farmers and significantly in danger of extinction wild animals like Climbing Lions, Mountain Gorrillas, Wild pigs, Birds, Buffollos and Elephants among others in Kigezi National Parks.

Our Farmers

We work with over 6000 Local Partnering farmers who combine their organic farming techniques with our roasting art. This is a well-kept secret in which the right timing temperature give birth to amazing full-flavored coffee beans. Fresh Coffee is hand-picked and delivered straight to Kigezi Coffee Shop. Collectively, we are building a strong, superfluous sustainable future for our partnering farmers and their families…. With passion, artistry and quality. Our coffee is usually grown in mixed farms with food crops for home consumption like Bananas, beans, Maize, that allows farmers to maintain their local activities while obtaining an additional income from their coffee growing.

It is also grown under shade trees to ensure sustainable quality coffee production. As Kigezi Coffee Development Academy we are partnering with 6000 coffee farmers in quality coffee production and we provide a wide range of technical and community support, including schooling for their children, rural women empowerment, and environment protection among others. The Academy also provides on farm trainings, tours, Music dance and drama and practical local coffee roasting and harvesting to selected coffee farmer gardens. Our Visitors Buy Crafts and Coffee, thus supporting our farmers financially.