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Food Security

Food and Nutrition Security:

Its good for farmers to be food and nutrition secure so that they don’t spend a lot on purchasing food. The food environment in markets constraints and signals consumers what to purchase.

It encompasses availability, affordability, convenience and desirability of various foods. The effect of income on dietary consumption is always modified by the food environment.

Therefore, KCDA aims to improve incomes, increase food availability and reduced food prices.

KCDA Investments among the farmers have a primary goal of increasing productivity and income; finding an alternative source of income to coffee when coffee is off season.

Land is a societal basic natural capital need alongside (water and Clean air) is important for food safety and security and thus lead to high social economic productivity in the community. Therefor the issue of Land use by both Women and youth is a very important component in food and nutrition security that KCDA looks at in the long run.

Our farmers are encouraged to grow vegetables, fruits and at the same time rea animals like cows, sheep, goats and Birds for both Organic manure and Feeding. We believe we can transform from sustainable to commercial farming. Through the Four Acre Model, which proportions land use on the basis of activities. The first Acre is used to grow Cash Crops Such as coffee, the second for Growing crops, and the third for pasture for Dairy cows and the fourth is set aside for Food crops at household level.

Under this, the objective of food and Income will surely be achieved. When this is done, we can have reduced malnutrition levels. Therefore, we call up on all supporters on Development to consider better practices in all food environment and allow both youth and women t access available land for food production and security. Our farmers grow crops like Rice, Maize, Sorghum, beans, Matoke and Millet among others.