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What we stand for

Overall goal

The overall goal of KCDA is to transform communities through production of Quality coffee, raising awareness, collective visioning and training towards economic prosperity.

Our Vision

A sustainable Coffee Value Chain, profiting Farmers for sustainable livelihoods and market satisfaction for socio-economic transformation

Our Mission

Establishing a sustainable market driven system of coffee Farmers and Coffee Farmer Organizations which are empowered to increase their household incomes and food secure through enhanced entrepreneurship and innovation

Our Strategic objectives,

  • To promote Quality Coffee production
  • To promote food and Nutrition security through increased agricultural production.
  • To promote climate change adoption and mitigation through environmental protection awareness policies, advocacy to create awareness to preservation of swamps, treeĀ  planting and better farming methods.
  • To carry out research, advocacy and general consulting services on agriculture, education, health, business management and agricultural research at different levels.
  • Simplify and disseminate information on laws, Budget and human rights, citizen responsibility and government programs for proper accountability and equal access to public service and development opportunities;

Our Values

  • Professionalism
  • Networking
  • Farmer Centered
  • Team work
  • Networking

Get involved.

KCDA accepts Internships and Volunteering.

and also;

KCDA accepts volunteers in arears of Agriculture promotion, Education and good governance.